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Unboxing: Sportident 2012!

This page and film is only available in english, sorry. (Denna sida och film är enbart tillgänglig på engelska, sorry.)

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to run into this dude sitting on a bench on the subwaystation Hornstull in Stockholm. In his lap, he was holding the brand new straight-from-the-factory plastic briefcase with the new 2012 Sportident control unit system Centrum OK special edition. He told me he was going to wait until he came home before unboxing it in his apartment/tech-lab. But with a lot of flattering comments about his superb orienteering technique (for example, I compared his middle distance district championship run three days ago with Thierrys winning middle distance WOC 2011 victory) he accepted to do the unboxing right there at the station! Here is the rare and amazing footage, enjoy!

More information
Sportident International AB
How to use SPORTident is a fantastic educational video from Sportident! A must-see for every orienteerer!
Sportident blunder – how NOT to punch a Sportident unit, as demonstrated by Christian Kahrs, NTNUI.

Inlagd: 2011-08-31
Skrivet av: Daniel
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  • if the video wasn’t ”private” we could enjoy it too

    Av: phil
    Inlagd: 2011-08-31 kl. 23:02
  • Oh, sorry! It is now public…

    Av: Daniel
    Inlagd: 2011-09-01 kl. 0:11

    Av: Oskar
    Inlagd: 2011-09-03 kl. 3:00
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